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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Home Grown™ Layer 16% is a versatile complete feed suitable for laying chickens, ducks and geese. Home Grown™ Layer 16% will help your birds produce lots of eggs with strong shells. From starting chicks to growing market birds and laying hens, you can trust Home Grown™ poultry feeds to provide proper nutrition for the overall health of your flock. 

  • Manufacturer: Fromm Family Foods

A satisfying, grain-free entrée of beef, pork, pinto beans, trout, and lamb together with butternut squash and pumpkin, inspired by life on the range.

Treatibles dropper bottles contain phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) oil extracted from whole plant medicinal grade hemp grown in the USA. In addition to several therapeutic phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are included creating what is known as the entourage effect, providing a full spectrum of benefits for pets. We ensure the purest, most effective, non-psychoactive and non-toxic PCR oil.

  • Manufacturer: Agrilabs

Every horse needs parasite control. With AGRI-MECTIN Paste, you can treat all of your horses. It is even safe for pregnant horses, and will not negatively affect the fertility of your stallions. A single dose will kill internal and external parasites for a horse weighing up to 1250 lb.

Agrimectin Paste is a potent broad spectrum treatment for Bots, S. vulgaris, Large and Small Strongyles, Pinworms, Ascarids, Hairworms, Largemouth Stomach Worms, Lungworms, Intestinal Threadworms, and Summer Sores.

Des Moines - Standard, our standard premium blend is a millet-based mix rich in sunflower seeds — oil and stripe. Des Moines Standard contains no milo or wheat and contains twice as much sunflower seed and peanuts as the Cardinal Brand.

Des Moines - Classic blend is a millet-based blend with hulled sunflower and safflower seeds. It is an excellent formula to attract the widest variety of seed-eating birds to your feeder.

Spartan Mosquito Eradicators will help you create an oasis that is free from the nuisance of mosquitoes.

Spartan Mosquito Eradicators attract and eliminate both male and female mosquitoes quickly and effectively without fogs, unpleasant odors, or chemical sprays.

Each box contains two Spartan Eradicators. Together the two eradicators will protect up to one acre.

Installation is simple. Just add warm water and hang the units along the outskirts of the property. There will be a significant drop in the mosquito population within the first 15 days, and the units will continue to protect your property for a total of 90 days.

  • Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

Updated design with New Equi-Glo™ Nite Reflector! Provides protection from flies and harmful UV rays. Comfortable fit with adjustable, double locking fastener. Designed to last with strong, Clear View Vision™ mesh. Includes Quick-Catch lead line loop. Fits horses from 900 to 1200 lbs.Also available with ears!

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement  is formulated to support gastric health and proper pH. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of active horses experience gastric discomfort, a­ffecting health, attitude and performance. Common activities including stall confinement, exercise, transportation, weaning and few environments such as events and shows are known to cause stress and gastric discomfort. Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement was developed by our Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists to support a healthy gastric environment. View Guaranteed Analysis and more information on this product.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • Model Number: 46178

Permethrin 13.3%. A concentrated premise and on animal preparation. This versatile formula may be fogged, misted, used in automatic spray systems, back rubber machines, low pressure spray systems, as a spray, dip or sponge on. Kills virtually all farm premise and livestock pests for up to 4 weeks pre application. 32 oz. Concentrate.

  • Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

Mosquito Halt Repellent Fly Spray for Horses provides quick knockdown, kill and repellency for control of mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus and other deadly mosquito-borne diseases. Also provides immediate and residual control of face flies, stable flies and house flies. Mosquito Halt contains 0.20% permethrin, 0.13% prallethrin and 0.50% piperonyl butoxide, plus soothing aloe, lanolin and PABA sunscreen.

Stop the Stomp! Use loose-fitting, chemical-free SHOOFLY LEGGINS™ during fly season to prevent painful fly bites and reduce stressful stomping which leads to hoof damage and leg fatigue. Breathable plastic mesh with sewn-in stays to eliminate sagging. Heavy-duty Velcro ensures durability and wear-ability. Lower edge finished in felt to eliminate embedded wild oats, burrs, and foxtails.

  • Manufacturer: Kalmbach Feeds
  • Model Number: 912HFP

A pelleted complete horse feed designed for mature horses. Higher fat, highly digestible fiber and lower sugar and starch for calm performances without loss of energy or condition. Optimal balance of essential amino acids to support again and muscle maintenance. Essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, required for healthy skin and haircoat and support of normal tissue function.

  • Manufacturer: Prince Corporation

Raising poultry for meat and/or eggs is common among those wishing to raise their own food, but may have limited space and facilities needed for raising larger animals. Poultry have the advantage of being very efficient (amount of feed need vs. food produced) and a relatively short time period for return on investment in animals, equipment and feed.

Formulated to promote the health and happiness of all large breed dogs - excellent for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The diet’s nutritionally-dense kibbles and highly-digestible ingredients assist in mitigating digestive upset and maximizing nutrient absorption - helping large breed dogs maintain a healthy weight.

Hypoallergenic: a grain free blend of salmon, whitefish, fruits and vegetables. Excellent for dogs with sensitivities to grains and chicken. Gluten free. Probiotics help benefit the immune system by promoting digestive health.

  • Manufacturer: Fromm Family Foods

A grain-free ocean fish recipe for weight reduction or weight maintenance. A special blend of wild caught whitefish and salmon. This food helps control calorie intake without sacrificing other valuable nutrients. For assistance in weight management, it has been supplemented with L-carnitine.

  • Manufacturer: Fromm Family Foods

A grain-free red meat recipe for breeds with adult weights exceeding 50 pounds. Naturally formulated with beef, pork, and lamb.  Enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion.

  • Manufacturer: Fromm Family Foods

A grain-free red meat recipe for normally active adult dogs. Naturally formulated with beef, pork, and lamb. Enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion.

  • Manufacturer: Fromm Family Foods

A grain-free red meat recipe for puppies of breeds with adult weights greater than 50 pounds. Naturally formulated with beef, pork, and lamb. Enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion.

  • Manufacturer: Fromm Family Foods

A grain-free red meat recipe for puppies and pregnant or nursing mothers. Naturally formulated with beef, pork, and lamb.  Enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion.

  • Manufacturer: Purina

100% nutritionally complete for omnivorous fish and was developed by professional nutritionists and fish experts. Formulated as an easily-digestible, high-energy, nutrient-dense diet with an excellent conversion rate, Pond Fish 4000 has superior feed efficiency and supplements your pond’s natural food source. AquaMax® Pond Fish 4000 is a floating product in a in a 3/16" extruded pellet.

Click here for guaranteed analysis and more information.

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

Infinia™ Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is a holistic nutritional formula that knows no boundaries.  Flavorful superfoods, fresh, never-frozen chicken, and a little extra love go into every bag. In fact, it’s so full of goodness, there’s no room for unnecessary fillers. Every single ingredient works together for your pet’s health and well-being.