I love Ludwigs. It is my animal care go to store. Everyone extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They offer a wide variety of services to meet customers needs such as special orders and delivery. It is a family run business which maintains the neighborhood atmosphere. It is such a pleasure to shop there.


I buy my dog's food and bird seed from Ludwigs. Awesome folks.


The staff at Ludwigs is very knowledgeable. They always take time to answer my questions and talk to my children.


Love Ludwig's... they are so friendly and offer a good variety of products for all types of critters.


Love these guys! Intelligent, courteous & helpful.


Great place and close to home! I get my duck food from them and every time they bring it out to my car for me!! Which I appreciate so much! They are always so nice and helpful with any questions I have!


Great place for all animal feeds. Been going there for ages! By the time I check out my feed is already in my truck!


It's very convenient to anyone living in Orland Park or Palos. The store is small, but they always seem to have what I need from there, including those large buckets of Amplify. And, of course, horse treats!


I love ❤️ Ludwigs! They are the only business that carries my Labrador's dog food. He eats PMI Exclusive and no one else sells it. It also isn't available to order online. It takes me about 25 min to get there but it's well worth the drive.
I also love seeing their pet cat Sophie when I go in, she is a total sweetheart.


I always come here to get horse stall pellets for the cat litter. Good price and saves lots of money.


Small family owned feed store. The staff was pleasant and helpful. They carry some top named dog food along with supplies for a number of other critters. They have a great selection of chicken and ducks in the spring. Much greater variety than your larger farm supply stores. Always nice to be able to support a family run business.