Deworming Your Cattle

Deworming Your Cattle

When your cattle herd has problems with tape worms, it can wreak havoc with their digestion systems. Knowing what to do about it can save you a lot of problems in the long haul. Keep in mind that this blog is just informational and that if you feel like your herd may have problems with tapeworm, you should consult your veterinarian:

Causes and Symptoms
Cattle getting worms is usually caused by overgrazing. The tape worms will wait in the pastures and basically wait until they are consumed by the cattle. Once consumed, they lay eggs in the intestinal system and eat the nutrients from the cattle’s food – making the cattle sick.

At first the cattle may appear fine but may soon start exhibiting symptoms such as weight loss, exhaustion, diarrhea, rough coat and swelling of the stomach.

A veterinarian should always help you decide what treatment would be best for your cattle as the needs may change for each individual one based on the age and sex of the cattle and the size of the tapeworm.